Guitar orchestra


Conducted by

Luc Moons

"A unique concept,
a unique guitar experience,
... on 150 strings."

- Guy -

Every monday between 8pm and 10pm the orchestra rehearses in Mortsel. Gathered around the director in a semicircle, music sounds from Bach till Beatles coming from 20 or more guitars.
"We have started as a small ensemble", chairman Bart Van den Broeck says. "But in the meantime we are now a full-blown guitar orchestra."

26 November 2010 Gazet van Antwerpen
"Beethoven was so amazed by his music that after hearing Giuliani play, commented the instrument was “a miniature orchestra in itself”.
Can you imagine what 20 guitars or more can do ?"
- Luc -

Wanted: Guitarists

Tired of playing guitar on your own ?
Looking for a new chalenge ?
Ever wanted to play in a real orchestra ?

Don't hesitate

join us now !

Palladio - Karl Jenkins (arr. Alfons Lievens)

"We are committed to providing a valuable ensemble experience for guitarists of diverse backgrounds."

- Bart -